Bleak Prophecy

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Bleak Prophecy

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Betrayed by fading gods

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The band Bleak Prophecy was founded more than 2000 years ago on Tesmalun, a planet of the distant star system Agorolicon. All members are conglomerated to one mighty unit from different metal genres. After centuries of touring they have found their mix between Melodic, Death, Modern, Thrash and Heavy and arrived on Earth in 2017. Their songs tell, among other things, the stories of their battles and the dying of their home planet.

In December 2017 they will present their first publication to humanity. The EP “BETRAYED BY FADING GODS” is the prelude to the first concept album, which will be published in spring 2018. The album tells of the first strike of the Tesmalunatics on earth.

Melodic-Death Metal

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